VerMeer's Geographer

VerMeer's Geographer
The Geographer, by Vermeer, c. 1669


Group Immaturation

Two men, get in a fight and the smaller, weaker guy pulls a gun and shoots the man beating him up.  A tragedy, in the original sense of the word, for all involved.  Of course one man walked away, and the other man is dead—so the tragedy is much worse for one, and his family, than the other.   Both were foolish to get into such an altercation.

Yes, one man was 17….but at that age, you can drive, are a few months away from registering for the draft, and being able to vote….and 17 year olds are routinely charged as adults in criminal cases.  The 17 year old also had an adult-sized body and strength.   Anyone, not a mother, who calls a 17 year-old a “child” or “just a boy,” as has been routine in the Zimmerman trial—for both the State’s lawyers and the Media—is simply being emotionally manipulative and actually purposefully deceptive.   It is fascinating to me that one of the most obvious racial slurs African Americans have faced—is when a black man is called  “boy.”

You expect a man’s mother to plead her son’s innocence.  It’s heard in virtually every trial where a mother testifies.  It happened in this case with both men's mothers.   Part of the feminine instinct is to think only the best about her boy—her child is always only a victim (of circumstances, his friends, a woman, drugs, drink, bad influences, etc), no matter what his age.  What is odd, is when a whole race, through self-appointed “leaders” anoints itself as all victims, calling themselves in essence, all boys.  Of course in a real sense, the dead man—Trayvon Martin—is a victim.  However he primarily is a victim of race-hustling attention-addicts, looking for the next cause to build up their fame and fortune.  Trayvon Martin lost a fight, or a “whoop ass” as his lovely friend, Rachel Jeantel attempted to explain, which he was only trying to give George Zimmerman.  Men who die a violent death, while engaged in violence, are never—by definition—merely “victims,” and neither, in a free country—are a whole race of people.

You’ll note my consistent use of “man” and “men” for Martin and Zimmerman.  It’s interesting isn’t it, that Trayvon Martin is either called his full name, or more commonly by Media and supporters alike, just “Trayvon” (“Justice for Trayvon!”), while George Zimmerman is much more often referred to as just “Zimmerman,” never “George.”  One is a boy…the other a man, so we are constantly told, in a variety of ways.  Boys are accorded less responsibility--and less respect--than men.

The fact is that the photos of Martin initially released to the public, are from years before, when he really WAS just a boy—and are still the ones primarily shown in the Media--and the only ones shown by supporters.  The most current photos of a much older Mr. Martin grimacing with a rapper-style gold-grill in his teeth, or shirtlessly flashing double “F-you” fingers, or openly smoking marijuana…or his hands holding a gun….somehow aren’t loved by Martin’s supporters—or the Media.  Propaganda par-excellence.

In the old west, if two men got in a serious fight and one got shot, he was mourned and buried, and life moved on--his brothers it is hoped, learned, and didn't make the same mistakes (if they took revenge, they were treated as simply outlaws).  A sad situation truly—but since self-defense is a basic human right—when men were men, and considered equal, even in a supposedly more lawless time....people got over it. In as much as that one group—through self-appointed leaders—considers itself eternal victims, a people can be seen as fighting for immaturity.

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