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VerMeer's Geographer
The Geographer, by Vermeer, c. 1669


The United States of Sodomy

Of course the title of this little essay is over the top--you may well not be reading this otherwise.   Still, my thesis is that in as much as the U.S. Constitution has become something far from a written document defining our government--and protecting the peoples rights--rather, through the extreme stretching of judicial review, its become a flexible, general, almost blank...document, where the high courts can write whatever policy they in their wisdom want--without any consultation or permission from the people--the supposed sovereign in our system---this means to swear to "protect and defend" the constitution now means to swear to protect and defend sodomy.

Ten years ago, in 2003, the Lawrence v. Texas decision struck down all laws against same-sex deviant sexual behavior, sodomy, and now the high court has said that Congress cannot even define its terms for what benefits it gives through the federal government.  Legally, the Constitution now defends and protects...and even promotes (in states where its allowed--soon to be universal) sodomy.  "Sodomy" is a term derived from the biblical story of Sodom--well known for its sexual degeneracy--which was directly destroyed by God about 2000 BC during the life of Abraham.  In English law--"sodomy" has been broader than just homosexual acts, covering all kinds of unnatural sexual acts.  Still, the main unnatural act under the legal term "sodomy" is same-sex behavior.

Since the US Constitution is legally seen as what the Supreme Court says it is, this means that EVERYONE who swears an oath to defend and protect that constitution--is swearing to defend and protect the propogation and promotion of even up-to and including the abomination of homosexual "marriage."  What this means is that every member of the military, and law enforcement, at the federal and state swearing to defend and protect sexual immorality of the worst and most disgusting form.

To  me this surely gives pause as to whether Christians should now enter or stay in the military or law enforcement--if they do not, by their solemn oath--want to violate their conscience before God.

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