VerMeer's Geographer

VerMeer's Geographer
The Geographer, by Vermeer, c. 1669


Interesting take on Germans & Texas-symbolizing-Freedom/USA (with a Communist/East German Trabant car in it). I find the symbolism fascinating.

A good description (from youTube comments):

"This video is about flight to freedom, and Texas and the GI's are a
metaphor for freedom. That's where everything about Texas starts and
ends, the video is all in Germany, and the US Army were stationed there
during the cold war. The video features two families in the late 80's.
One from East (Communist ) Germany, packing up the Trabant and leaving
for the West and for freedom, enjoying their first Coke and burger ever.
The other one, BMW and spoiled, in West Germany."

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