VerMeer's Geographer

VerMeer's Geographer
The Geographer, by Vermeer, c. 1669


An Apology

Folks have told me I should start a blog, as they find my ideas, or really my postings and musings of others ideas, interesting--and after all, Facebook really isn't designed for serious blogging and discussion--and you can lose friends you otherwise may want to keep socially, by being too serious on a social networking site. 

Anyway, the name "AnalogReigns" is a name I've personally used since the '90s on a popular political blog-site, and it stems from the digital/computer revolution of our time:  Namely that real life is truthfully analog, and digital representations of it are, at the most detailed level at least, and really, at the most general level too, simplifications of black and white, 1's and 0's, polarizations actually.  Real life, visually speaking, (and by every other sense really), is much more subtle, a combination of blacks, greys, and light, along with the spectrum of color, which is, after all, pure light when divvied up.

The name is also a bit of a play on words, in that analog reigns (as the real world, being analog, does reign over the digital/imaginary world of order imposed by man...) but also analog reigns in, as with a horse, the excesses of the digital imagination.  I'm a firm believer in absolutes, or else I could not be a Christian, but, I'm afraid too many of us like to lazily take short cuts and force things into digital  yes/no, black/white, 1's and 0's categories, when, in the field of human events things usually are not so easy.  The English Reformation would be a good historical example--a good thing or bad, brought about by a good thing (the Bible), or a bad thing (King Henry's marital problems...)? (The answer is of course, "Yes...")  The answers as to the causes, and the results are quite complicated, and, as far as we can tell, resulted in blessings, yes, but mixed ones has  nearly everything historically speaking.   One of my great frustrations in the study of history is how scholars nearly always try to narrow down causes to ONE (big) thing...and that's not how complex humans, in complex social relationships work.  Life is analog, not digital, and even though there really is pitch black darkness, and blindingly pure light, we on this earth live somewhere in between.  The direction we are moving is more important than the brightness of the light shining around us.

Primarily this blog will involve Religion (that would be Christianity, which I firmly believe is true truth--that is objectively true) and Politics, along with miscellaneous other subjects (usually in History, Art and Science) which I find "excellent or praiseworthy" (Philippians 4:8) and I want to share with friends, or acquaintances, that we may "think on these things" (again Phil. 4:8).

Of course I reserve the right to edit, delete, or close any and all postings, as this is MY site, or to put it in biblical terms, this is a place God has allowed me the stewardship His glory!

Sola Deo gloria!

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